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Developing a Sales Plan Course

£ 10

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£ 10

Developing a Sales Plan Course

£ 10

Developing a Sales Plan Course


A sales plan is a strategy and a document that describes how you intend to generate sales leads and turn them into potential customer. Sales plan is also called as roadmap which provide a way for successful journey. Always planning is most important before achieving our target. Once you have a plan in your hand it will be easy for you to reach to your goal. Here you will learn how to develop a sales plan.

Course Objective

The objective is developing a sales skills and sharing a best strategy to achieve your target.

Course Details

This is a (Self – paced, video training) program on Develop a Sales plan by Uplatz. This course will help you understanding of your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, as well as a clear vision of the process of advancement within the company, and also you will get better understating about your  customer. 

Target Audience

· Corporate Employee

· Sales Professionals

· Marketing Professionals

· Business Owner

· Any individual who is willing to learn a Sales Strategy  

Course Syllabus

1. Set realistic sales goals in your sales plan

2. Define clear deadlines and milestones in your sales plan

3. Pick a niche to focus on and build traction in

4. Understand your target customers

5. Map out your customer’s journey

6. Define your value propositions

7. Build a prospect list

8. Leverage current client relationships

9. Identify strategic partners (that reach the same customers)

10. You’re not done yet! Track, measure, and adjust as needed.


Upon successful completion of this course Uplatz will issue a course completion certificate.

Career Path

· Sales Manager

· Marketing Manager

· Sales Strategist  

· Zonal Head

· Relationship Manager

· Retail Store Manager

Job Prospects

The average salary of Sales Manager is £ 40,074/yr. (Source: Glassdoor)