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Evaluating a Marketing Plan Course

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£ 10

Evaluating a Marketing Plan Course

£ 10

Evaluating a Marketing Plan Course


A successful marketing practice identifies possible advertising opportunities, and then helps to develop a strategy to connect with customers and increase profits.
Marketing plans it’s like a blueprint which will represent your company and provide a lot of major company insight to the end users. Having a marketing plan is clearly better than having no plan at all. However, it is more important to evaluated your plan to get success in business.

Course Objective

This course objective is to review the importance of performance evaluation from a marketing perspective and trained you well.

Course Details

This (self –paced, video training) by Uplatz on Evaluating a Marketing Plan, you will learn how to evaluate marketing plans and value surveys, ROI calculations Market research are few points you will study deeply.

Target Audience

· Sales Professionals

· Marketing Professionals

· Business Owner

· Marketing Strategist

· Any individual who is willing to pursue Marketing career

Course Syllabus

· Strategic Planning and the Marketing Management Process

· Review the requirements for a successful marketing plan

· Marketing Research: Process and Systems for Decision Making

· The different methods of gathering and using customer feedback to evaluate your marketing plan

·  The science of specifically evaluating your digital marketing plan


Uplatz has specifically designed to help you clear the certification exam successfully.

Career Path

· Marketing Expert

· Marketing Strategist

· Sales professionals

·  Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Prospects

Marketing Stagiest average salary is £ 86,301/year. (Source: Glassdoor)