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IDM Award in Email Marketing - Online

£ 495

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£ 495

IDM Award in Email Marketing - Online

£ 495

IDM Award in Email Marketing - Online

IDM Award in Email Marketing

Course Overview

Become a specialist in email marketing and gain an understanding of how to plan, create and evaluate effective, ROI-driven email marketing campaigns.

During your Qualification in Email Marketing, you will learn to:

• Understand the basic components of email marketing
• Develop an email marketing strategy
• Identify how to optimise your email design and structure
• Understand how to develop creative copy for your email marketing campaigns
• Review the various approaches for testing email marketing campaigns.

Qualification Information


This qualification is made up of nine modules. You will also be required to pass two x one hour online exams.
Module 1: An introduction to email marketing

• Understand the role of email marketing.
• Evaluate the use of email marketing as a tool.
• Assess the strengths and weaknesses of email marketing.

Module 2: Developing an email marketing strategy

• Identify who you should send your emails to.
• Plan when you should send your email.
• Understand what to include in your email.
• Understand where the resources come from and why you are sending your emails.
• Identify your goals and messaging strategy.

Module 3: What is an email list and how do you grow one

• Understand the sign up form.
• Learn how to gain valuable data about your subscribers.
• Learn to drive traffic to your sign up form.

Module 4: How to create engaging email campaigns - design & structure

• Designing emails to capture attention.
• Optimising email for mobile.

Module 5: How to create engaging email campaigns - content

• Understand the design requirements for different media.
• Creating copy that converts.
• Identify wireframes and useful templates for your emails.

Module 6: Going live

• Identify the factors affecting email delivery.
• Understand filters and white lists.
• Learn how to keep your data clean and to a high quality.

Module 7: Testing

• Understanding what to test.
• Creating a testing strategy.

Module 8: Control and measurement

• Key statistics to record.
• What else you need to monitor and record.

Module 9: Revision

• Summary of key learning objectives.

Study Mode


Enjoy the flexibility of devising your own personalised study routine with your programme deadlines via a stream of online content run over 12 months. You will receive email support and 24/7 access to course materials. For more information call 020 8614 0277.

Course Info

You can enrol directly via the IDM website.

If you would like to discuss your enrolment or have any questions please call us on 020 8614 0277.

Exams and assessments

In order to attain the Award in Email Marketing and use the honorifics Award EM, you must successfully pass two x one hour online exams.

Pass marks and Grades

To pass this programme you will need a minimum of 60% in the exams. In the event that the minimum pass mark is not met you will have the opportunity to resit at a later date.


London (W1W 8SS)