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Learn to create professional video on your smartphone

£ 750

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£ 750

Learn to create professional video on your smartphone

£ 750

Learn to create professional video on your smartphone

The Brightest Bulb iDEC® 2-day Foundation Course

Learn the skills to create engaging and cost-effective video on your smartphone

Why smartphone video?

Gone are the days when making a video would entail expensive and bulky equipment. We’re part of a generation lucky enough to have a high definition video camera and editing suite in our pockets.

Anyone who owns a smartphone has the means to shoot, edit and distribute video content online, but not necessarily the skills. That’s where Brightest Bulb come in.

The co-owners of Brightest Bulb, John Dixon, Ralph Tittley and Ali Wylie, who each have had over 30 years’ experience in the media and communications industries, directing and producing film and video, quickly recognised the massive potential of the smartphone; that being, anyone who owned a smartphone would have the means to shoot, edit and distribute video content online.

However, despite having all this wonderful technology at their fingertips, most people would not have the knowledge or skills needed to successfully create engaging and well-produced video. Creating content that will resonate is not just about technical skills (although clearly this is important) it’s as much about telling a story.

Development of the iDEC® training method

After researching the market, we recognised that our key audience was the business community; businesses who were looking for a way to create affordable, regular and engaging 'snackable' video content to share with their employees and their clients.

As the majority of this audience would have little or no prior experience in video creation, we knew that our training approach would have to be uncomplicated and easy to learn. This is why we developed our iDEC® method of training.

The iDEC® training method

Our training is delivered via our trademarked iDEC® (Individual, Director, Editor, Cameraperson) skills method. Detailed below is a breakdown of the areas we address on our courses; these skills are at the heart of all professional video production.

iDEC® Individual

• Understanding the role of the producer
• Planning and implementing basic productions
• Creating a story arc – beginning, middle and end
• Creating a structure for production
• Understanding Pre-production/Production/Post production
• Researching and developing interview questions

iDEC® Director

• Understanding the role of the Director
• Directing Interviews
• Directing yourself presenting to camera
• Generating general views and establishing shots
• Understanding cutaways and noddys for interview
• Creating montages and sequences

iDEC® Editor

• Understanding editing software
• Transferring data
• Editing techniques
• Adding cutaways
• Audio mixing

iDEC® Cameraperson

• Camera orientation
• Film grammar (rules of filming and when to break them)
• Basic audio (using external microphones, using audio meters)
• Introduction to lighting
• Camera movement (panning, tilting, camera settings)
• Introduction to camera support (tripods, gimbles and sliders)

Creating content that will engage takes more than technical skills. Attendees also learn about the soft skills; how to tell a story with
a beginning, middle and end, how to get the best from interviewees,
how to plan ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly.

How can the iDEC® skills be applied?

The skills that delegates learn over the two days can be applied to creating content for a wide range of areas. Here are some examples: -

• Interviews
• Key meetings recap
• Success stories
• Community outreach
• News
• Social media video snippets
• Recruiting
• Events
• Updates and reviews
• Press releases
• Product launches
• Induction
• Training
• Case studies
• Company policy videos
• People profiles
• End of Year recaps

Which areas of business benefit from smartphone video?

We have delivered our iDEC® 2-day Foundation Course to businesses of all sizes and across a wide number of sectors. We have trained companies onsite and individuals on our 'open' courses. Feedback has been consistently excellent. Another huge benefit is the cost-saving resulting from bringing these skills ‘in-house’.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any business or individual who wants to empower members of their team or themselves to create regular, authentic and engaging video content and who is looking for fantastic on-going ROI. These skills apply to all sectors as our course attendees have shown; automotive, financial, government, manufacturing, property development, the third sector, insurance and legal. Delegates have come from all disciplines; marketing, sales, HR, learning and development, training, IT and outreach.

Are there any technical skills required?

No technical or creative skills are required; we have trained people who have little or no technical knowledge, who have arrived on the course feeling very apprehensive, but have completed the course full of enthusiasm and confidence in their new abilities to go on and create their own regular and relevant video content.

What equipment is required on the course?

Equipment-wise, delegates will need to bring their own smartphones and a set of earbuds. We teach video creation on both iOS and android platforms but will need to know ahead of the course what devices delegates will be using. We supply all the accessories that delegates need over the course of the two days. We offer guidance and advice to clients wishing to purchase their own kit. 


Delegates will need to download a couple of apps. These apps are not expensive to purchase, the first costing just £14.99 and the other (watermarked version) can be downloaded free. If preferred, we can supply pre-purchased download codes to simplify this process and avoid delegates having to claim expenses.

What is the ROI?

As video consumption continues to grow, the need for 'iDECs', (individual, director, editor, camera-persons) who have the ability to create regular, professional looking and engaging video content at a fraction of the cost of commissioning an external production company is increasingly being seen as an invaluable skill. The ROI is not just financial, it keeps communications memorable and fresh as well as increasing employee engagement and commitment.

Our course is CPD accredited and provides 14 hours towards CPD hours

Course costs include:

Post Course support

Online access

Post course, delegates are given access to the password protected area of our website where they will find recap videos as well as useful ongoing hints and tips. If required, we also offer help and support with the planning and integration of video content into the business.

Video nuggets

Delegates will be sent 3 video nuggets which will relate to and enhance the skills they have learnt on the course.

We’re always here!

We are always on the end of the phone or email to offer help and advice at any time it’s needed.